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Men's Long Sleeve Shirt: 11 Reasons You Need the Best One

When it comes to men's clothing, there are an infinite amount of combinations that would go with different styles of men's long sleeve shirts. Many silhouettes exist such as the long sleeve tee, the henley, the long sleeve tee with a hoodie, the long sleeve graphic tee, the flannel shirt, and the dress shirt (to name a few!). Nike, Adidas, Columbia, and Under Armor are just a few of the brands that offer long sleeve shirts in the many different silhouettes and in different materials. Depending on what and why you are wearing long sleeves (versus short sleeves), it would determine the outcome of the choice you make. Here are a few reasons why you need the best long sleeve shirt.


Determine Your Body Style

When it comes to your ultimate shopping outing, determining what size shirts you are shopping for it all comes down to your body size and shape. A thin tall man should never go with a baggy XL cut tucked into his pants. Go get fitted for the best size that will flatter your body type. Have you ever seen a larger guy try to squeeze into a shirt he should have taken out of his closet years ago? Flattering your body style is just the first step in finding the best long sleeve shirt for you. Luckily, sizing for men's clothing is grouped into categories such as 'big & tall' (which is best for men that are taller than six feet and are considered big) and 'slim fit' (which is best for men that want a slimmer fitting shirt).


What Makes the Cut?


  • Material

The type of material used in a men's t-shirt will determine what will make the cut on the best long sleeve shirts. If it's a lot of days, and we mean no breeze in sight, it may be a better choice to use a breathable fabric like bamboo cotton blend long sleeve shirt. This casual piece can be paired with a variety of looks. It is an amazing choice if you are going to travel because the fabric withstands the comforts of the airport shuffling through TSA and sitting snug on the plain. It is also recommended to consider shirts in wicking material if you are planning on sweating.


  • Styles

With so many styles to choose from, the leisurewear vibe is holding wrong with most men in the easy to pair and comfort levels. Brands like Volcom, RVCA and Hurley are making casual long sleeve tees in henley shirt and graphic t-shirt silhouettes more popular. Utilizing a great pullover long sleeve hoodie shirt could have you going from office to the gym with little to carry. Long sleeve pocket t-shirts and long sleeve polo shirts are also again an excellent choice with what the ladies like to see on a first date or an evening out on the town. It's comfort and aspect of soft fabrics are inviting to let your guard down and enjoy your company.


  • Color

When you think of color, you have endless possibilities to coordinate and mix patterns with. We suggest going with a solid grey or black long sleeve and pairing it with a colored jacket. The simple color combinations go with almost anything. If you are headed out pairing that same long sleeve black shirt with a blazer or a tan bomber jacket will allow you to feel your best in comfort and style so you shine with confidence. Although going with a white shirt, has been referred to as the gentleman's color in some circuits, has a simplicity factor that can go with khakis, jeans, and business slacks. That being said, you can always find a great long sleeve shirt in tie dye or camo if you are feeling adventurous!


  • Cut

The cut of a long sleeve can be tricky. If it's too long, tuck it in could have a strange appearance in your pants, or untucked could shout you don't know what size shirt to wear. If the shirt is too short, you will be too worried about constantly adjusting your shirt all night and not to mention how uncomfy and distracting that will be. The length of the long sleeve should not go over your wrists and the length of the shirt should fall around the waist at your belt-line. The neckline also has a variety of names associated with the cut. The crewneck is your basic circular universal cut found on a variety of long sleeve trends. It is easy to wear and comfortable. You want to make sure it doesn't lose its right factor, and becomes loose and stretched out. That is a look no one wants to rock. V necks are when the neckline is in the shape of a V. Pullovers and button-down long sleeves are usually in some form of a V neck shape. The options are great to pair with a simple white or grey T-shirt when there is a chill in the air, or a nice spring morning and the afternoon warms about to slip it off or push your sleeves up and play a little catch in the park.


What is the Cost?

With any clothing item, we should base our decision on what we are willing to spend, and our overall budget on clothing. Some long-sleeve shirts will be worn more often and the material has a long history of lasting through the seasons. This would be something we would consider splurging on. You want comfort and style and with the likelihood, a long sleeve shirt will be worn all year long is unlikely, so you want to decide if that shirt will be trendy or have a traditional footprint that will go on for years to come. A well-made travel shirt is something we also recommend. The breathable fabric that will endure long city walks or mountain hikes is definitely worth the splurge. Especially if the material was created for a suitcase in mind, where it is wrinkle resistant. No one likes spending their time ironing, instead of enjoying their trip.


What Occasion are You Dressing For?

We have all been at an event where one sore eye fashion guy steps out at a semi-formal event in a T-shirt and jeans. In this situation, a dark suit, a single colored long-sleeve button-down shirt with a tie is the best go-to ensemble. If it is a night out with the boys, switching up the formal attire with navy or dark grey shirt, a pullover sweater or blazer and jeans is a much more comfortable look for the laid back evening. My go-to for comfort is the athleisure wear combos of a good red long sleeve shirt with black athletic pants will have you standing out on the field and off the court with the ladies.


Accessories to Go with Long Sleeve

Having a good long sleeve shirt is one thing, but pairing it with some solid accessories is another. Here are our top accessories to dress up or down your long sleeve statements.


  • Hats

In any season, there are choices when it comes to your hat accessory selections. We can always pull off a favorable outcome with a beanie on a cold winter day in NYC. It allows you to stay warm paired with the long sleeve white shirt, a jacket, and some styling chinos you are enjoying a hot cup of coffee and the spectacular sights. Spring can have a chilly start then warm up just enough to push those sleeves up a notch. A walk to your nearest ball field while turning heads in a baseball cap, a grey v-neck button long sleeve, and some dark jeans.


  • Scarves

Scarves add a touch of class and warmth to a cold day. A business white button-down dress long sleeve shirt, a black jacket, and chinos will go incredible with a grey cashmere scarf on your ride into the city. Bundled up by a bonfire in the cool mountain air you're sure to find a partner to get cozy with a red plaid scarf, a pullover over sweater and jeans. There is no look better than a well-dressed man, the smell of fire, and a drink in their hand.


  • Shoes

The finishing touches on a well-planned style choice are what kind of shoes you put to complete the look. Traveling can cause a small topic of debate so finding a pair that is diverse and can go with a lot of different choices while providing comfort can be challenging. You could end up going from sightseeing to a night out all without a hotel stop so choosing smart and stylish is the way to go. Going with a solid black shoe with a khaki blazer and a long sleeve black shirt will bring out the travel king in you. Loafers are a nice touch as well they add convenience and comfort mixed with style having the mixed trio of necessities for flexibility.


  • Pants

Pants are always going to add a little adjustable nature to any long sleeve fashion category. The same long sleeve crew neck shirt can be dressed up with chinos or dressed down with athletic pants. Finding the right mix for what you are dressing for can make or break the moment and pep in your step. Knit joggers are one of those all-time go to parts of pants that can really go anywhere anytime. They are comfortable and when mixed with a zip over sweater and a long sleeve crew breathable bamboo shirt, your circumstances for dressing for success with any situation are golden.


The way a man dresses, effects the swagger they hold with their attitude and confidence. Looking and feeling their best, even if it is just a walk to the market, will add assurance they look their best. Traveling to new exotic places is exciting and new, and looking back at your trip should have a well-dressed ensemble for any occasion. Sometimes you only have one opportunity to make a good impression, don't waste it on frumpy old clothes, get out there and make your mark on your approach to fashion.