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What Are Chinos?

There are so many varieties of men’s pants that it can sometimes be overwhelming to choose. Chinos are a style of men’s pants with specific characteristics. They are very versatile pants that combine modern stylistic flair with lots of functionality. Chinos are a great pant option for men for almost any occasion. So, what are chinos? This article will explain the key characteristics of chinos, the history of them, how to style them, and where to wear them. This should give you a holistic perspective of what chinos are and how to incorporate a pair of chinos into your wardrobe. 


The chino pant originated in the 19th century during the Spanish-American war. The war was located in the Philippines, so it was close to the mainland of Asia. Chino was an alternate word for china, which is where the pants were manufactured, this is where which is where the name chino is from. The pants were used as military uniforms. The style reduced the need for fabric by making it a slimmer fit and getting rid of excess frills like large pockets. More than one hundred years later the pants are still trending in men’s style and have maintained many of the same features as those used back in the 19th century. 


The Look

Chino pants have a more tailored and streamline look than other pants. They are unlike khaki pants in that they are never pleated and come in a wider variety of colors. Chinos also do not have extra seams like other pants. The pockets are very small and are internal as opposed to large externally shown pockets.  Chinos are associated with a more put-together look because they are more similar to dress pants or slacks than more casual pants. They are shown as a more preppy style and are often used in school uniforms. But, because of their material, they can also be incorporated into more casual outfits. Chino pants are for the man that does not prefer extra bulk. For men that have a minimal aesthetic, chinos will match their style nicely. Another look that can be created with a pair of chinos is a put-together casual look that is very casual without looking frumpy. Overall, chinos are very versatile and can be used for building various outfits. 


The Fit

The fit of a chino is a big reason that people like them so much. So many styles of men’s pants are just too baggy and do not fit well. The fabric does not hug the body and accentuates the figure of the individual wearing them. Chinos have a more tailored fit that is not too tight but highlights the lines of the body. They have straight lines that make the body look long and sleek. Chinos are great for shorter men as they are looking for a way to look a little bit taller. Chinos will lengthen your legs and create a visual line that goes up and down to help you appear taller. Also, if you are tall and slender, chinos can help to play up your strengths.

It is important to understand that chinos can come in different fits depending on your body type. If you have larger thighs and a thicker waist, an athletic fit may be better suited for you. This allows for more mass around your waist, thighs, and buttocks, and then tailors down below the knees. These can create a nice fit if you have more muscle mass and an athletic build. If you have a slenderer body, a slim-fit chino is a great option and will suit your body type nicely. The fit of a chino is fundamentally the same, however, it can be altered to better suit different body types. This means if you try on one style of chino and it does not fit quite right, consider trying on the other fit type to see if perhaps it is a better fit for you. 



The material of chinos is one of the most defining features. The original chino was created with a cotton twill fabric that is breathable and offers stretch. Cotton or cotton blend fabrics are very lightweight which makes the perfect for being outdoors or regulating your temperature in warmer weather. While many chino pants are still made of a cotton or cotton blend, nowadays, companies are engineering chino style pants with even better fabrics that increase functionality and durability. Baubax chino pants are made of merino wool, polyester, elastane, and bamboo. This is a revolutionary fabric that offers so many great benefits. Their fabric offers UPF 50+ sun protection to keep your skin protected while you are outdoors. The wool and bamboo help to wick moisture and maintain a stable body temperature. The elastane provides an added stretchability so you can move freely. Also, it is stain and water-resistant to keep your chinos lasting for a long time. All clothing truly comes down to the material it is made from.  When considering what type of fabric to choose for your chino, you should think about what you will be using them for and the things you value in your clothing. For example, if you tend to perspire, you may highly value a material that wicks moisture away and keeps your odor at bay. No matter what is important to you, there is a chino that can fit your needs. 


How to Wear Chinos

The thing about chino pants is that they can be styled with virtually anything. They can be dressed up or dressed down for a more casual look. There is really no right or wrong way to style chinos. The two things that are easy to change up the look of this type of pant are your top and shoes. Both the style and color of your other items can drastically change up the look of your outfit. 



For a more formal occasion, you can easily wear chinos with a button-down shirt. A classic dress shirt is a perfect pair for a pair of chinos. For a dressier event, you should choose a black or navy chino to make them more of a dress pant than a casual pant. If you want to make your outfit even more formal you can add a blazer on top of your dress shirt. Shoot for darker colors for a more formal event to complete your styling.

Chinos are also perfect for a casual day around the town. Chinos can be paired with a classic t-shirt for a smart-casual look. Pairing chinos with a t-shirt makes a casual look just a little bit more polished. It allows you to be comfortable without having to wear sweatpants and a sweatshirt. Also, when considering what color to wear with a more casual outfit, you should wear a lighter color like a khaki chino. 



Shoes can also play a big role in how you style your chinos. Again, you could choose a dressier style or a more casual style. Different shoes can appeal to each style and enhance the overall look. For a more formal occasion, you should wear a pair of loafers or dress shoes. Preferably in a natural material like leather or suede. For a more casual look, you can pair your chinos with boat shoes or a simple sneaker. No matter what style you choose almost any shoe can help you create the look you are going for. 


Where to Wear Them

You can wear a chino pant almost everywhere, except perhaps swimming. I suppose you could wear them swimming if you want to, however, it might be a little bit difficult. Chinos are great for wearing at the office, for a day of travel, running errands, or even just to relax around the house in. The breathable fabric and tailored, slim-fit look make chinos a very versatile pant for basically any situation. A workplace with a business casual or semi-formal dress code is a great place to wear chino pants. You can fit the dress code, yet not feel stuffy or hot. Also, after you are done with work you can take them on whatever adventure you have planned. The stretchy fabric makes it easy for you to move around without having to worry about damaging the pants. This feature makes them the perfect adventure pant. You can take them out on a bike ride or even hiking on the trail. 

Chino pants are also the perfect travel pant. Because they can be styled in so many ways they can be incorporated into many outfits throughout the duration of your trip. You can cut down on the number of pants you pack by reusing your chinos in different outfits. You can wear them for your formal dinner and also for your day plans. Chinos are also comfortable enough to wear on a flight, car trip, or plane ride. Not to mention because they are so stylish you do not have to worry about going out if you make a pit stop on the way to your destination. Chinos are a pant that can be worn in any situation and can be made to fit your needs.