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Women’s Loafers: 5 Tips for Traveling

Traveling is something that adds magic to your life. Whether you are just going one state over or flying across the country to visit a place you have never been before. After you have made the big decision of where you are going to visit, you have to begin planning the certain places you want to see. In addition to the fundamental trip details, choosing what to wear is something that can decide how comfortable your trip will be and how you will look in the photos when you look back on your amazing trip. You will need to consider the weather, the activities you will be doing, and what your personal style is. One of the most essential pieces of clothing when traveling is your footwear. When on vacation you typically walk a lot more, so you will want to have shoes that will protect your feet no matter what circumstances you face, and those that are visually appealing and give you confidence. You may want to bring more than one pair of shoes, but women’s loafers are a versatile shoe that is fantastic for travel. Loafers are lightweight, comfortable, stylish, and great for many different activities. Loafers are the ultimate travel shoe and can tremendously enhance your trip whether you are out for an adventure or on a business trip. Below are 5 tips for traveling with loafers and how they can serve you in your travels. 

Make a Travel Plan

When it comes to traveling and footwear your very first step is to make a detailed travel plan. Knowing exactly what you are getting yourself into is key to making sure there are no surprises once you reach your destination. First things first, check the weather. Will it be raining, snowing, hot, or cold? Each of these will require different footwear or modifications, such as thick socks if it is cold outside. You should also consider the activities you will be doing If you are going to be walking around the city you will need something comfortable. If you are planning on going out for a nicer dinner you will want to have something very stylish that coordinates well with your outfit. The difference in traveling and being at home is that you have limited space in what you are able to bring. You have to be strategic in the outfits that you choose so that they will fit in your suitcase. A shoe like a penny loafer is very versatile and can be used for many activities. Women’s loafers are light and moldable so they do not add bulk to your luggage and do not add extra weight that can result in additional fees if the luggage is too heavy. The slide-on feature is also perfect if you are just running out the door and can’t wait to get started on your day. They make great boat shoes and are better than other types of shoes like moccasins, espadrilles, and crocs. When it comes to planning your trip, look at all of the possible options to make sure that loafers are the perfect option for you. They are such a versatile footwear option, that they will fit most of your needs while traveling. 


Versatile Shoes

Nobody wants to be focused on their aching feet or ugly shoes when they are on vacation. You should be able to have a shoe that you are able to just forget about because they are truly doing their job. Having the perfect pair of shoes means you can focus on immersing yourself in the experience of your travels. To pick the perfect pair of shoes they need to carry you in all circumstances. A women’s loafer is both casual and dressy so it can be styled for various occasions. You could wear into the conference room and then take your kids out for an activity. It also can be worn inside or outside with its grip and support. Because they are breathable they are perfect for if you are running around outside. Loafers' slip-on design also makes them great for wearing around the house like slippers. They offer you arch support and comfort for times when you are relaxing around your home or hotel room. A loafer is the ultimate shoe for all situations. It will serve you in almost any travel situation, which is so important so that you can just focus on your experience. 


Pick the Right Material

Having the right material for your loafers is essential in ensuring your comfortability on your travels. There are various materials that can help you to stay comfortable in different climates and terrain. Bamboo and wool are two great options for any women's loafer as they are comfortable, breathable, and great in varying weather. Suede and patent leather are also common materials for toe loafers. Choosing which material you would like to purchase or bring on your travels is important for your aesthetic and what function you need your shoes to perform. 



Bamboo is an excellent material for any women’s shoe. Loafers are the perfect shoe for being active, walking around town, running errands, or even just relaxing around the house. With all of these activities, you need your feet to feel supported and dry. The last thing you want from your shoe is to be immobilized by any unwanted rubbing or hefty weight. Bamboo is a material that naturally wicks away moisture from your feet and is somewhat water-resistant, keeping you dry and comfortable all day. They also are extremely breathable so your feet will never feel stuffy and can get the airflow they need to stay cool. In addition to the temperature regulation, bamboo is extremely light and will not hold you back from walking as long as you need to. With a bamboo loafer, you will be able to conquer everything in your travel day from the airport to the city to the trails. 



Wool is also a great material choice for a women’s loafer. Wool, specifically merino wool, is a material that is moisture-wicking to keep your feet dry. Merino wool is also a naturally antimicrobial material that helps to prevent unwanted microbes from growing in your shoes that can also contribute to unwanted odors. It is such a great material for a slip-on shoe like a loafer because you are not required to wear socks with them. Socks are usually what keep your feet odorless and dry, the properties of wool do that naturally so you can wear your wool loafers without socks. Wool is also a material that naturally balances your body temperature. In the summer they will keep your feet cool and in the winter they will keep your feet nice and toasty. 

Baubax offers slip-on loafers that incorporate both bamboo and wool. It consists of a merino wool sole and bamboo upper. The mix of the two fabrics keeps you cool and comfy without sacrificing style. You can wear them sockless if you prefer or with socks if you feel more comfortable that way. Such a unique combination of materials in addition to their high comfortability makes their loafers some of their best sellers. 


Environmental Considerations

Traveling is an amazing experience, but there is no hiding that it contributes negatively to the environment. Whether you take planes, trains, or cars for your traveling needs they all produce waste from the fuel that negatively impacts our earth. Also, you are more likely to eat out and produce more landfill waste than if you were simply at home. You can, of course, take steps to reduce your environmental impact while traveling, but it is impossible to make your impact zero. This is why it is so important that everyone does their best to make smart environmental choices while traveling. Only owning one pair of versatile and quality shoes reduces the number of shoes that enter the waste stream. By choosing one pair of loafers instead of 5 pairs of shoes that would fill all of their functions you can save more room in your suitcase and also be helpful to the environment. A pair of sustainable material shoes like loafers made of bamboo also make a positive impact on the earth. Bamboo grows very rapidly with little resources necessary, so it is a very sustainable material choice. Traveling can put a strain on the environment, but making conscious choices can make it so that you and your fellow citizens can enjoy it for a long time. Remember that every choice matters, even down to your footwear. 


Coordinating Colors

As mentioned previously, when you travel you will need a very curated wardrobe to maximize what you can wear with limited space. The key to this is having basic pieces in coordinating colors. Neutral colors like taupe are a great choice since almost all of the colors can be mixed and matched. Also, if you do like color, picking a shoe with a pop of color is a great way to incorporate color in your outfit without compromising the versatility of your clothing options. Loafers come in neutral colors, pops of color, and patterns like plaid or leopard-print so you can decide which best fits your personality. You can also find leather loafers with cool features like tassels or calf hair accents. These new arrivals are perfect for hitting the road or staying at home! Having a basic wardrobe for traveling is the key to having varying outfits throughout your trip, without ever having to wear the same outfit twice. You can still be unique without sacrificing the weight of your luggage.