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Men's Bomber 2.0

Functional, comfortable and stylish coverage for men and women on-the-go

  • The BauBax 2.0 Bomber Jacket upgrades a classic design to a new-age design with modern, utility-inspired details. It is designed to keep the traveller organized and to make chaotic airport check-ins comfortable. It includes a built-in eye mask, an inflatable neck pillow & footrest, and 20+ other features. A protective, breathable shell offers comfortable coverage while on-the-go.
    Fabric: Outer Lining - Water Resistant 100% Polyester
    Inner Lining - 100% Polyester Lining

      • Breathable, Water Resistant 100% Polyester
      • Detachable Gloves and Hood
      • Built-in Inflatable Neck Pillow and Eye Mask
      • Attached Airpod Straps, Earbuds
      • Retractable Keychain with Bottle Opener and Whistle
      • Comes with a Travel Bottle, Travel Blanket and a compact Inflatable Foot Rest


    Our jackets are the perfect blend of contemporary interpretations in design, material and craftsmanship. We use the highest quality fabrics, accessories and archival processes available today to give you the very best. Every piece is made with utmost care and love by people who take pride in their craft. By creating this jacket, we celebrate every journey and every travel with you as you explore new places. Think Travel, Think BauBax!

    Built-in inflatable neck pillow, which can be easily tucked inside the hood of our jackets. Our proprietary innovative valve technology allows 2 SECOND INFLATION and Simple and easy - ONE PRESS DEFLATION
    Detachable Gloves - Easily slide in and out of the sleeves


    Passport Pocket

    Drink Pocket

    Bottle Opener


    Hand Warming Pockets

    Sunglass Pocket

    Microfiber Cloth

    iPad Pocket

    Apple Pencil Pocket

    Secret Pocket

    Phone Pocket

    Earplug Pocket

    Airpods Pocket

    Powerbank Pocket

    Blanket Pocket

    Men's Bomber 2.0

    Rated 4.7 out of 5
    623 Reviews

    Men's Bomber 2.0

    Rated 4.7 out of 5
    623 Reviews

    Men's Bomber 2.0

    Rated 4.7 out of 5
    623 Reviews

    Men's Athletic Chinos

    Roomier in the hips and thighs and slim through the calf

    • BauBax Athletic Chinos have been crafted from a unique blend of merino wool and bamboo viscose for a comfortable and stylish wear. Built-in stretch provides flexibility and durability. The silhouette is roomy from the seat through the thigh and slightly tapered below the knee. A versatile staple for all wardrobes with features like stain & water resistant, lightweight, odor control, packs small, quick dry, body temperature regulation and more.

        • Fabric:
          Inside: Bamboo Viscose 63%, Polyester 27%, Elastane 10%
          Outside: Merino Wool 33%, Polyester 62%, Elastane 5%
        • Pockets:
          2 Rear zippered pockets
          2 Front pockets
          1 Hidden front zippered pocket to keep essentials secure



      Light Weight

      BauBax Pants feel light and will not weigh you down. No more saggy pants that drop due to their own weight. Travel light!

      Packs Small

      Our pants pack small when rolled so you can carry more. Pro tip: Since our pants can go days without a wash, go on, carry those extra shoes you always wanted to wear!

      Water Resistance

      We didn't want you to have a polka dot pant when an unexpected drizzle came around. So we made them water resistant.

      Stain Resistance

      Be it coffee, beer, wine, soda, cocktails, our pants allow you to walk away without a stain. You can practically walk to work in them after partying all night!


      Our dynamic stretch technology allows you to stretch your hearts out! No more cramped, uncomfortable flights.


      Breathe in - Breathe out .... that's what our pants do all the time. Allowing your skin to breathe while keeping you fresh like a daisy!

      Body Temperature Regulation

      Wool reacts to fluctuations in your body temperature due to tiny pockets of air within the fibres that circulate heat. This means that wool will keep you warm when your body is cold, and cool when it's hot.

      5 Functional Pockets

      We made your pockets secure and deep. The YKK zippered pockets give you a secure way to carry things that could easily slide out on a plane when you are catching some zzZZZZz.

      UPF 50+ Sun Protection

      BauBax pants are UPF 50+ so you can go out and enjoy the sun! That means they only allow 1/50th of those harmful rays through. (Blocking 98% of the other UV rays).

      Durable with structure

      Although natural fibers like Merino Wool and Bamboo are strong, they need a little help from Polyester to make sure your pant stays as good as new even if you wear them 365 days in a year.

      Super Absorbent

      Bamboo viscose is 3X more absorbent than most cotton fibers, wicking moisture away from the skin much faster and keeping you dry and comfortable easier.

      Wicking Wonders

      Merino Wool on the outside helps wick away the moisture that the Bamboo has absorbed on the inside. Hence our unique fabric blend keeps you dry, fresh, and comfortable.

      Odor Control

      Feel so comfortable in our pants that you just don't want to remove them! Well go right ahead! Wear them night in day out without a wash. We promise they won't stink.

      Ditch the Itch

      Merino wool is super fine, but yet it can cause an itch, trust us we scratched a lot. So, we smartly put Bamboo closer to your skin and Merino on the outside - to Ditch the Itch.

      Quick to Dry

      For those times when you are on the road, we have got good news for you. BauBax pants are naturally quick to dry thanks to the wicking technology.


      Because all our pants are Teflon treated, they will absorb less odor and stains. Thus, they can and should be washed less frequently.
      CARE: Wash with like colors with mild detergent cold. Tumble dry low or lay flat. Do not use fabric softener during wash as this may damage the water repellency. Do NOT bleach. Do NOT dry clean.

      Men's Athletic Chinos

      Rated 4.7 out of 5
      Based on 43 reviews

      Men's Athletic Chinos

      Rated 4.7 out of 5
      Based on 43 reviews

      Men's Bamboo Cotton Long-Sleeve Tee

      A classic long sleeve crew neck men's t-shirt made from a blend of bamboo and cotton for a super soft feel & enhanced breathability. It offers ultra-light comfort and temperature control with UV protection in black or grey. Perfect to be worn on its own or as a next-level layering piece for the cold and brittle months.

      Our Baubax men's long sleeve bamboo cotton t-shirts are soft, light & UV protected. The best ultra-light long-sleeve crew neck tee made for layering & travel.

      • FABRIC

        Our Bamboo-Cotton T-shirts are designed to become your favorite T-shirts right from day one! They’re breathable, offer odor control, and are designed to stay 2 degrees cooler than a 100% cotton t-shirt. Bamboo viscose is highly moisture absorbent, wicks faster, dries quicker, and feels cool and smooth on the skin. When blended with organic cotton, they offer the long-sleeve tee unparalleled durability. These will be the best, most comfortable tees you’ll ever wear. Period.

          • Fabric:
            55% Bamboo Viscose, 40% Organic Cotton, 5% Spandex

        Men's Bamboo Cotton Long-Sleeve Tee


        Men's Bamboo Cotton Long-Sleeve Tee

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